Legacy of the Health Hut

In the beginning…

In the early 1980’s, Mr. A.D. Hale lived in a house on Old Government Boulevard in Mobile Alabama. He was a manager with a company called Nature’s Sunshine, a fairly new herbal company, at the time, and from his home, he sold the herbs to friends and family hoping to help them with their health concerns. Soon, however, his business grew to the point that he needed a larger place so that he could store product and have it readily available to his customers. It was then that he bought a house at 680 South Schillinger Road, and the Health Hut was officially in business. Before long his business grew until he had to hire an employee, Mrs. Ali Tauss, who had an incredible working knowledge concerning how to use food, herbs and supplements to heal the body. Then later he hired Mrs. Betty Freeman, a woman known for her business sense and a knowledge of vitamins, herbs and health in general. With the three of them now working together, the business continued to thrive at this location. Mr. Hale decided to make more room for parking and to make improvements on the building itself, including adding a new porch and a ramp for those finding it hard to use the front steps. So the Health Hut was now better than ever. Yes, it was a business, but the main priority was the customers he would have the privilege to help with their health.
In late 1990, because of certain changes in their lives, Mr. Hale asked Betty if she would like to buy the store. He was getting older and felt like he wanted to let go of the bulk of the actual business responsibilities and felt like Betty was well qualified for the position. After much consideration, she felt like it was the right path for her to be on. So in early 1991, she purchased the business and became the next proud owner of The Health Hut. She began to change and improve on what had already been established, causing the business to increase even more. But as always, her main priority was the needs of the customers. Mr. Hale continued to work there, and being a certified herbalist, frequently held classes, backed by Nature’s Sunshine and others to help educate people on the way the body is designed to function for ultimate health. Both Betty and Mr. Hale understood that knowledge and understanding would empower the customer to take charge of their health. Knowledge and education became the goal, and printed literature from health articles would be handed out as needed to keep the customer better informed. As a result of the trainings, and the one-on-one contact with the staff, people not only developed a trust for the knowledge being shared, but more than that, they felt like they were honestly cared about as individuals. Customers soon found that as they implemented the knowledge they received, it caused them to feel better. So for the next couple of decades, Mrs. Betty established her portion of the Health Hut’s Legacy – Knowledge and Trust. This portion continues to empower the customer and the staff. She stewarded this legacy which has increased with each new “generation”. She left her footprint as a light so that we could continue to move forward.
Under Betty’s leadership, the business grew and continued to flourish for many more years. But after 20 years at the helm, she knew it was time to begin looking for someone to fill her shoes. She was extremely particular about who would fill that position. She wanted to make sure that the next owner would have the same heart and goals needed to continue the legacy she had worked hard to maintain. An incredible young man was chosen, Mr. Jeffrey Sheldon. Jeff was married to an amazing lady named Maggie and they have one daughter named Grace. He already had a Dual Masters Degree in Sports Management and Health and Fitness Management, and was already an established business man. He was a perfect fit for this next phase at the Health Hut. So in July of 2011, the papers were signed and Health Hut now had its next owner. Right away Jeff began to make further upgrades. He added another cash register, built a new counter, and put in new computer systems. Because of his knowledge of nutrition, he was able to also hold classes on nutrition, and introduce essential products to help support the customers’ health needs. Once again, he continued to emphasize the way the body is designed in order to educate customers on how to receive the maximum benefit in their health journey. Jeff was very involved with his staff as well. He became a kind of ‘father’ to those who worked for him. He educated, brought alignment, and provided for them whenever needed. He always had their back, and they knew it. He ‘practiced what he preached’ and was a great standard and friend. For twelve years, he continued to take the Health Hut to another level. But then he began to feel that same “leading” the previous owners had experienced. He knew it was time for him to be ”repositioned”. Certain personal circumstances would provide the “push” that he needed, but he knew it was time. So as all the others had done, he began to seek out what he needed to do next, and he began searching for the one that would follow in his footsteps.
In December of 2021, Trey Galloway told his beautiful wife Carol that he was feeling that his dream of owning his own business would be made tangible in 2022. They began looking expectantly, and in what seemed like “a moment”, all the circumstances lined up. Nine months later his dream became a reality when in August of 2022, the documents were signed and Jeff Sheldon transferred the papers of ownership. Trey Galloway was now officially the new owner of the Health Hut. The first thing he and Jeff did was to stand in front of the Hut and pray over the staff, the business and the customers. It was a new beginning for both him and Jeff, and both knew it was right. The excitement Trey felt quickly passed down to his employees. Jeff had already trained and established a knowledgeable team, not only in health issues, but in customer service, so everyone was in place and ready to go. The team not only embraced the change with anticipation, but began individually offering new fresh creative ideas. Trey jumped in head first to take on all the responsibilities and challenges that were put in front of him. He not only succeeded in meeting those challenges, but went above and beyond the expectations. He began implementing marketing strategies and allowed creativity from the management and staff to be executed liberally. A brand new custom website was launched, interior offices were rearranged and repainted, the Health Hut sign on the roof was painted, colorful signs were made on the inside, Health Hut billboards were strategically placed around town, and even a couple of new people were added. As always our product line and the companies from whom we buy are being scrutinized and searched out in order to find the best possible products at the most affordable prices. It became an exciting work in progress. We’ve consistently tried to give customers the best quality of products through the years, but our true legacy is the people that have worked hard to increase the health of our valued customers. It’s the honesty, integrity, and leadership that will cause this legacy to stand. To our customers – Thank you for allowing us to serve you and for sharing your heart, your ideas and your love. You are more than appreciated.